Similarities And Differences Between Aztecs And Mayans

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The Incas , Aztecs, and mayans were both similar and different in their own unique ways and in different beliefs and practises of everyday life. The first main topic we are going to be discussing is the topic of religion in every culture and the ways their beliefs of gods change. Then we will discuss further information about these groups and how they lived , functioned and ruled their lives. To start it off the Incan religion which involved human sacrifice which during the time period a culture were relatively common, they had also attributed sacredness to a rock formation. The incan religion also required ancestor worship which is a ritual practice that was started on the belief that deceased family members have a continued existence, and also that the dead ancestors take an interest in the problems of the world, and have the power and the ability to influence the fortune of the living.At its start, Incan religious beliefs connected with nature. The incan people also believed that the Inca rulers were descendants of the sun god, Inti. Next up is the Mayan religion which was characterized by the worship of nature gods which include but are not limited to the gods of sun, rain and corn . The Mayans believed importance of astronomy and astrology which they also incorporated in their religions since their temples were usually taller than most buildings in the villages so they believed that they had a spiritual

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