Similarities And Differences Between Battle Royale And The Hunger Games

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You hear the cannon go off, and you’re preparing yourself for the loud speakers to announce the body count of another night. Your head is throbbing and another one of your comrades is gone. But you were here; you were alive. You hear rustling nearby, and you duck out of view, praying to yourself that you’d wake up from this nightmare soon. You had no plans to see another familiar face just left to fester on muddy trails — and so you escaped with no direction in mind — just anywhere to get you away from a possible confrontation. Your world was dyed red the moment you were eligible for these “games”. This was how the government controlled their people — by instilling fear within them — very much like in the two works of literature known as…show more content…
The bomb will will also go off if someone were to try to remove the collar or happen to enter part of the island that is announced every few hours, to shrink up available hiding spots, and marked as a “Forbidden Zone”. Shuya Nanahara and Noriko Nakagawa team up with Shogo Kawada, a previous winner, to break traditions, and attempt to find a way out with the least amount of bloodshed. The country these children live in is ruled under a powerful and sadistic dictator, who has no qualms of hurting others for his own gain. Kinpatsu Sakamochi, administrator of the game, sees the “Battle Royale Program” as a method of not only controlling “The Republic’s” people, but for children to respect their adults, even to a point of brainwashing his eldest child in the second grade to be ready to “sacrifice her life for the Republic”. Japan in this fictional universe had many economic struggles, leaving the country in shambles. Due to this, the people rebelled against their government and was shot down, resulting in many casualties. However, it was thanks to this revolt that the military and police were able to combine forces and create the “Battle Royale Program”, which consisted of “experimenting” with junior high school students. The goal of the government was to terrorize the people into a state of
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