Similarities And Differences Between English And Kihaavu Language

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This article points out the outstanding similarities and differences between English and Kihaavu languages. First, it looks at those areas of similarities and differences so as to predict errors a Kihaavu native speaker learning English is likely to encounter. Second, it suggests some techniques in learning as a remedy to difficulties.
2. Review of literature
Linguistics got interested in comparing and contrasting languages in terms of systems and aspects. It is worth to say that Charles Fries was regarded by many scholars, as the founder of modern contrastive linguistics and the first to have applied contrastive analysis to foreign language learning. In the course of time, contrastive is now widespread through Lado (1975:2) as stated: “those elements which are similar to (the learner’s) native language will be simple for him, and those elements which are different will be difficult.” Taking into consideration what precedes, Lado owns the position of the first man
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Because of unlimited dimensions a language embodies, James shows that when someone is contrasting a pair of language, one should not focus on both form and structure only, but rather the way they function (their use as means of communication). A contrastive analysis considers the cultures of the society that uses the language under study. It is regarded as a linguistic approach which believes that the mother tongue is the sole source learners’ errors. Lado (1975:2) argues: interference of mother tongue causes error and difficulties in foreign language learning… individuals tend transfer their native language and culture to the foreign language. Contrastive analysis is quite useful in predicting difficulties of the second language
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