Similarities And Differences Between Generalists And Specialists

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Compare and Contrast Generalists and Specialists
Today’s business world is more complex with the increase of more sophisticated technology and knowledge. Human resource management (HRM) has taken on a more demanding role in all organizations. It is the human resource professional contribution that contradicts rather or not a company will succeed or fail. The human resources have two main statuses: generalists and specialists. Each professional’s objective is to assist in the success and development of the company’s growth and goals. They accomplish this by recruiting highly intelligent and skilled individuals to join their team members. With the use of two articles Generalists versus specialists: Lifetime work experience and chief executive officer pay and Specialists vs. Generalist, this paper will discuss the similarities and differences between generalists and specialists in the HR profession.
Generalists vs. Specialists Over the last two to three decades, human resources have changed drastically. This is due to the growth in globalization, new technology, information and knowledge. The results of this brought on a need for specialization and new job classifications. HR is no longer constrained to payroll and administrative duties. There are two types of HR professionals: generalists and specialists. It truly depends on the size of an organization that determines what kind of human resource personnel is needed. If the size of the company has less than 100
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