Similarities And Differences Between Hamlet And Much Ado About Nothing

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In William Shakespeare’s works, emotions surrounding relationships are presented at different intensities depending on the genre of the play. “Hamlet” is a passionate and dark play, where the main character plots a scheme to avenge his father’s murder. As a result, emotions between Ophelia and Hamlet are heightened and the consequences that arise are severe. Contrastingly, in the comedy “Much Ado About Nothing”, Shakespeare intends for a light-hearted storyline approach. Conflicts in relationships, such as Hero and Claudio’s, are both less dramatic and a better representative of issues that arose in the 14th Century. By comparing “Hamlet” and “Much Ado About Nothing”, we are able to explore both the similar and different emotions characters’…show more content…
Similarly to Hero, Ophelia’s inability to speak much and express her feelings to the audience is a perfect depiction of women and their feelings being neglected. What’s more, Ophelia’s is oppressed by her own father, who tells Ophelia that her emotions should be ignored and are less important than emotions men have in a relationship. Despite the disregard for her emotions, Ophelia did have some opportunities to express her opinion on her relationship with Hamlet to her father by asking him questions like, “Do you doubt that?” This question stands out from the norm and is an example of one of Ophelia’s few moments of independence, as she stands up for herself and her feelings of lust for Hamlet during an argument with…show more content…
However, Claudio’s commitment to a relationship with Hero is in question from the very beginning as he states, “If my passion change not shortly, God forbid it not otherwise”. This suggests that Claudio is in love with Hero’s appearance, but not her personality, and is further foreseen when he is alone with his friend Benedick and declares, “In mine eye she is the sweetest lady that ever I looked on”. While Claudio can’t be criticised for falling for an attractive woman, but his eagerness to suddenly get married can be questioned. After his first meeting with Hero, Claudio goes to Leonato to propose marriage. This reveals a “window shopping” lifestyle in the 14th Century, a time when it was acceptable to get married without having to communicate or share emotional connections with your

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