Similarities And Differences Between Heathers And Mean Girls

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Movies are bound to share certain similarities and differences. Reoccurring themes, character archetypes, familiar settings, and recycled plots are elements that are consistently repeated in films; however, every film has individual components in which audiences are able to relate to and interpret in separate perspectives. Two different movies that share common similarities include the 1988 black comedy Heathers and the 2004 teen comedy Mean Girls. Although the movies Heathers and Mean Girls take place in different decades, they are both cult classics, contain iconic quotes and characters, and involve cliques with four members eventually revolving around a single member of the group. A difference between the two films, would be that they take place in separate decades. Since Heathers takes place in the 1980s, certain elements including fashion, language, and culture, are significantly different from those featured in Mean Girls. In Heathers, the main characters are seen wearing oversized blazers and shoulder pads, while the girls in Mean Girls sported early 2000s fashion including velour tracksuits and jeans. The pop culture references in both films vary greatly as well since both decades have distinctive artists, movies, and figures that were considered relevant at the time. In addition, the different time periods in both films demonstrate the development of technology and its usage in society. For example, in Heathers the only phones seen in the film are in the
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