Similarities And Differences Between How Reading A Text Differs From Watching A Film?

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Semester B Unit 1 Lesson 7

Introduction and Objective
When you compare and contrast something you are looking at similarities and differences. When you read a story, it may have similarities and differences to other stories. When you watch a movie after you have read the book, you may find similarities and differences.

Today 's lesson objective is: students will be able to compare and contrast how reading a text differs from watching a filmed or live presentation of the text.

Take a minute to think about this objective. What learning skills will you use to achieve this objective? Maybe you will make a list of things that are similar and different. Comparing and contrasting the things you find will certainly help.

Open your
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When you read a book, you are using your interpretation of the word choice to create images in your head. Watching a story performed has the performers telling and showing you. You see and hear the characters. Think about a story you have read and then watched the movie. What similarities and differences did you see, hear, or feel?

Remember, the difference in eye color is significant to Jonas in the story The Giver. Lois Lowry makes this choice to include the detail in the book. You would think the character’s eyes in the movie would be blue or light colored. You, as the reader, imagine him having light colored eyes because of what the author tells you in the story. Think about it, though, how it would affect the story if they were different?

Jonas’ eyes in the movie are not, in fact, blue or light colored. We know this because we see the character’s brown eyes. We cannot say that all the appearances of the characters will be exactly as the reader had imagined. There will be similarities and differences.

When you read the dialogue in a story, you interpret the way the character speaks. You imagine what you hear. When you watch the movie you see and hear them directly. It may be similar, but it may be different from how you imagined it. The differences that exist can change how you feel about the character and even the plot of the story. It may be more exciting, it may
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