Similarities And Differences Between Lying And Bullshitting

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“One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit.”(Frankfurt). This statement truly defines the current situation of our life. I have developed a decent interest in this topic because we are surrounded by it and the majority of people don’t recognize it. There have been a lot of difficulties in understanding this topic as there are no particular theory has been given to this topic. According to Frankfurt bullshit is unavoidable at conditions in which we expect somebody to talk without recognizing what he is discussing. Therefore, the production of bullshit is based on the opportunities that an individual have to express more on a particular topic than his knowledge on the particular topic. We are going to talk about the similarities and differences between lying and bullshit. We will also discuss that which one is more harmful to the society and why, we are also going to discuss about some of the questions that are related to bullshitting in our life and discuss why we are not doing anything about it or it is just a human tendency.
Lying is the practice of communicating lies and there are many similarities between lying and bullshit. First the main aim of liars and bullshitters are that they both want the other person to believe that they are telling the truth. Secondly they both want to get away with the situation which led them to tell a lie or bullshit. But there is a great difference between lying and bullshitting. The liar has an

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