Similarities And Differences Between Martin Luther King And Malcolm X

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Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were both highly influential during the Civil Rights Movement. Both had a certain boldness and spunk that would completely change many African Americans lives. But, they were also rivals who had completely different points of views that would change black history; some for the better and some for the worst. MLK and Malcolm X were either brimming with agreeance or disunited in account of their background, culture, and ideals. First and foremost, a very large similarity between Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King was their childhoods. They both had extremely large families with many children. They also were both born into Christian families; their fathers both being ministers. But, there is a difference between both men that will highly affect their future differences. When Malcolm X was six years old, his father was murdered by the Black Legion. At the beginning of Malcolm X’s autobiography, he describes, “My father’s skull, on one side, was crushed in, I was told later. Negroes in Lansing have always whispered that he was attacked, and then laid across some tracks for a streetcar to run over him. His body was cut almost in half. He lived two and a half hours in that condition,” (X, 10). After his father’s death, X led an unfavorable life. From that point on and for almost the rest of his life he would be a criminal, stealing and selling women. This is a huge difference from King who would follow in his father’s footsteps and become
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