Similarities And Differences Between Michelangelo And Raphael

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From the late fifteenth century to the genesis of the sixteenth, a new movement influenced art in Europe, expanding the bleak limits of past art and created some of the most memorable masterpieces in history. The creators of these artworks during these decades of the Renaissance include Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, and Raphael Sanzio. Influenced and sometimes driven competitively by each other, these artists share differences and similarities in their life, art style and techniques, and interests.
The most evident similarity of Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael is that they created High Renaissance art, a style that could be said to have been created and perfected by them. Each of these artists began their lives with loss and
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Leonardo, the distracted, uncommitted artist, easily lost interest in his work, leaving the majority of his pieces unfinished. Michelangelo was also an avid give-up-er, though not to the unprofessional extent of Leonardo, which is one of the reasons Michelangelo tended to get more attention from people who paid for art, as Michelangelo was more reliable. In contrast, Raphael created and finished much more art than the others. The reasons for the differences in these artists’ amount of unfinished art can be revealed in how much assistance they used. First, Leonardo did his work almost completely on his own, limiting his assistants to mostly mixing the paints. Michelangelo shared this controlling personality, letting only his best helpers paint small and insignificant parts of the sistine chapel. Lastly, Raphael was more open to assistance, letting his aids do much of the painting of his large pieces, giving him more time in the creativity and drawing out of his…show more content…
Through the great artists of the Renaissance, one can learn more about this period that had expanding art. These three figures of the Renaissance will stay remembered for their talent and ageless works of art that will never cease to
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