Similarities And Differences Between Millers Tale And The Miller's Tale

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The author Geoffrey Chaucer wrote the book “The Canterbury Tale” and also added several stories. I chose to write about. “The Knight’s Tale” and “The Miller’s Tale”, because both of them are so equally different, but have some similarities for example, in “The Knight’s Tale” talks about the knight’s and how they are so respected and honorable man’s. “The Miller’s Tale” is about a love triangle that involves one woman and three men and how the miller is not a respected man and doesn’t keep his promises.
“The Miller’s Tale” and “The Knight’s Tale” are very different, but they also had a lot of similarities.
In “The Miller’s Tale” Chaucer explains how the Miller was a drunk and pale man that did not have a wife or children, but even before telling his story, it wasn’t his turn by interrupting the Monk before him and begins to explain his story. The miller start to explain about a young girl called Alison and her husband called the Carpenter, Alison was an only 18 years old when she married her husband and he was an old man. They lived in Oxford the Carpenter would admire the beauty of his wife and how the town man would be envious of him for his wife. It also involved two other man Nicholas and Absolon these men were also young, Nicholas was a clerk that would happen to be a secret love affairs, but also very clever and discreet and Absolon was a foppish clerk and a handsome man that every woman loved. Those three men were in love with Alison, but affording Alison only

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