Similarities And Differences Between My Culture, And Insurgents Culture Of The United States

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There are many similarities and differences between my culture (Korea), and Insurgents culture (The United States). They both are broken off into different parts, and they both are at high conflicts with each other. A difference is that Korea's state is more calm than that of Insurgents state.Both of these cultures have major flaws and setbacks in their society that makes them both very dangerous. But despite these 2 similarities and 1 difference, these two cultures very similar, and very unique at the same time, for example.

In Insurgent the United States has broken off into different factions of people. The main four factions are Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, and Candor. Dauntless are the soldiers, Erudite are the knowledge seekers, Abanation are the good friendly people, and Candor are the ones that believe in telling the truth. This is similar to Korea
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But if you compare them to the factions of Insurgent by what they do and stand for, South Korea is more like Abenation because they aren't harsh…show more content…
Insurgents factions are at high tensions with each other to the point where Erudite actually mind controlled Dauntless people into almost wiping out the whole faction of Abenation.This compares to North and South Korea’s tension because North Korea has been saying they are in possession of nuclear bombs, meaning that since South and North korea are in high tensions, that North Korea could launch bombs and missiles at South Korea at any time. These two scenarios are both very extreme with one involving the mass genocide of a group of people, and the other involving the threat of nuclear warfare. These two countries are at very critical times in their history, which is very plain to see. Even though these two countries have many similarities, they still have major differences, for

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