Similarities And Differences Between The Blitz And II

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2.3 Comparison
2.3.1 Differences between The Blitz and IRA attacks

Both of these events seem very different an the first look as they took place in very different situations in the history of London, even though the real time gap between them isn't that huge compared to the overall past of the British capital.
They were very distinct in many aspects for example the reason the final intention and the way they happened. That's not surprising as one of them was a real war, country against country, while the other one was a terroristic organization against the government.
However both events, The Blitz and the IRA attacks had one important thing in common: Both wanted to frighten the citizens of London.
To reach their goal and show what their capable of the Germans during the Blitz as well as the Irish Republican Army killed innocent civilians. The idea behind that was to break the moral of the normal population, which would force the Government to change plans to protect their
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Additionally to many other propaganda instruments, the Ministry also decided to print posters that could be put up everywhere in Britain. Three posters where finally approved, one of them being the now famous "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" poster. However at the start of WW2, only the posters with the inscriptions "YOUR COURAGE YOUR CHEERFULNESS YOUR RESOLUTION WILL BRING US VICTORY" and "FREEDOME IS PERIL DEFEND IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT" where put up as they where seen more suitable for the bombing campaign of the Germans. The third only was meant to be put up when the Germans invaded the mainland of Britain. The simple message in a clear font combined with the royal colour and the crown save the last bit of British moral. The Invasion never took place, which led to the posters not being used and ultimately most of them ending destroyed after the
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