Similarities And Differences Between The Cardiac And Skeletal Muscle

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This table shows the similarities and differences between the cardiac and skeletal muscle. One of the main similarities is the fact both muscles are categorized as striated muscles. Striations are the main key to identifying the skeletal and cardiac muscle. The striated muscles are attached to the bone of the cells in which they produce all the movement in the body. Another similarity is that they can be electrically conducted because they both contain t-tubules. The t-tubules are the plasma membrane of both muscles. They allow depolarization of the membranes which then penetrate into the cell.
They are both resistant to fatigue, especially the cardiac muscle due to the large amount of mitochondria is contains. However the skeletal muscle
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Both of these muscles expand and contract as they have complex structures so it is essential how they do this. The cardiac muscle needs the contractions to occur in order to pump blood out of the atria and into the ventricles and round the circulatory system so the structure of this muscle shows the systole of the heart. The contractions of the skeletal muscle also depend on its structure. The binding and releasing of two strands of sarcomere is how the repeated pattern of contractions occurs. ATP is used to prepare myosin for binding to allow the contractions to happen. The skeletal and cardiac muscle also both has elasticity. The elasticity is used to restore the muscles back to their original lengths which enable them to resume back to their original length once they have contracted and been stretched.
As well as the skeletal and cardiac muscle having many similarities, they also have differences. The main difference is the location of these two muscles. The cardiac muscle is found in the walls of the heart however the skeletal muscle is attached to the bone by tendons. This is because they have different functions. The skeletal muscle needs to be attached to the bones as its function is to produce movement of the body and the cardiac muscle is to pump blood around the body.
Another difference is the fact they have different lengths, the skeletal muscle is much longer than the cardiac muscle. This is because when cell
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