Similarities And Differences Between The French And Latin American Revolutions

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From 1750 to 1914, several important revolutionary processes occurred in the Americas, including those of North America and Latin America. The North American and Spanish American Revolutions were similar in that they both shared the common goal of liberation from the foreign colonial governments that ruled over them. However they differed in that there was no goal for social reform in the American Revolution, but in the Haitian Revolution the slaves had the goal of social reform of the rigid social class system. Another difference between the revolutionary processes in the two regions is that the American Revolution was successful and had stable and positive long-term outcomes, but the Haitian Revolution and Latin American Revolution were…show more content…
The revolutionary processes that occurred in North America and South America differed in that there was no goal for a social reform present in the North American Revolution, however, the main goal of the Haitian Revolution was for the change of the rigid social class system and abolishment of slavery. In Saint-Domingue the social class system followed the idea that the whiter a person was, the better. This meant that the people of color were of the lower class with the slaves. Before the revolution in Haiti began, the white settlers in Saint-Domingue who sought to govern themselves opposed the ideas to give political or legal equality to the slaves. Because of this opposition, a large slave revolt broke out against the white settlers. The Haitian revolution then began, fueled by the goal of the abolishment of slavery and the want for political equality. Opposite to this, the goals of the North American Revolution were mainly political and economic reforms. During the American Revolution, slavery was seen throughout all 13 colonies, and was not fought. The main goal of the American Revolution was to gain political freedom from the mother country and stop harsh economic policies like the unfair taxation that was inflicted upon the colonies. Unlike the slaves in Haiti, the slaves did not revolt, and there was no social reform that took place during the revolution. Therefore, the revolutions differed in that there was no goal for social reform in
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