Similarities And Differences Between The Giver Book And Movie

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The Giver is both best-selling book by Lois Lowery and a major motion picture. They are both centered on the same storyline and character but also have some major differences. “The movie (and the book) takes place in the confines of “the community,” something that started after “the ruin,” when all memories were erased and everyone became equal.” (Krule, 2014). The book and the movie and the book are very different in many ways such as the plot, characters and concepts. The book and movie are more different than they are similar, although there are a few similarities.
The plot of the book and movie follows a similar story line although there are many minor differences. In both the book and movie the protagonist, Jonas, is about to go through some major changes. The Elders of the community are selecting job positions for his class. At the selection ceremony the elders announce each kid’s job positon individually. The elders skip Jonas and move on to the next child. This part of the story is very similar in the book and the movie, Jonas is selected to be “The Receiver of Memories”, his job is to receive all the memories of the past and gain wisdom to help the elders of the community. Some other main plot points that stay the same are Jonas’ training. The Giver transmits memories of things such as color and war and emotions, things that no longer exist in the community. The final major event is very different between the book and the movie. In the book, after learning about much of the past, Jonas’ decides that he needs to leave the community to “Elsewhere” to release the memories back to the community. In the movie, however, Jonas decided to leave the community on a spur of the moment decision with little planning or thought. This is very different from the book where Jonas’ escape was carefully planned out. One thing that is the same about Jonas’ escape is that he takes Gabriel, a baby that is about to be released (Euthanized). The ending of both the book and movie are the same, Jonas leaves the community and finds a house in “Elsewhere”. Neither works give much closure as to what happens, the movie and book leave the reader to decide how the story ends.
The characters of The Giver are very similar but also
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