Similarities And Differences Between The Rape Runner And The Kite Runner

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Both novels are excellent books to read for different reasons. Out of the two novels, The Kite Runner had the better ending. The Kite Runner contained a stronger resolution and through character growth. The four elements more thoroughly and precisely than A Complicated Kindness did.
Resolution is much easier to see in The Kite Runner then in A Complicated Kindness. In A Complicated Kindness, Nomi’s resolution is to accept her families’ separation and come to terms with endings. Consequently through her excommunication. However, these resolutions are not as easily seen as they are in The Kite Runner. In The Kite Runner, the resolution is through Amir finally finding the courage to stand up for something. At the end of the novel, Amir is given a chance to redeem himself by standing up for Sohrab; even though it endangers his life. Sohrab is segregated because he is a Hazara and he is raped by the same man Hassan is raped by. Hassan’s rape situation is the start of Hassan's conflict, and Sohrabs rape situation is Hassan's resolution. Even though both novels had a resolution, the kite runner had the better resolution because the plot focused more intensely on the conflict throughout the book. This emphasis is achieved by having the story constantly come back to Amir’s biggest conflict which is lacking the courage to stand up for something. In A Complicated Kindness, the story plot jumps all over the place and doesn’t focus on one conflict, which can make the story confusing.
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