Similarities And Differences Between Two Life Maps

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“Maps are projections”; they usually represent a whole or part of an area on a flat surface. Maps describe the relationship between the space and the specific features that the map aims to signify. Mapmakers according to Klinghoffer, “superimposes his own vision upon the world” and show their interests and proclivities in culture and politics while drawing their maps. In this essay, I will be describing and explaining the similarities and differences between 2 life maps. The first map shows the important spaces and objects, peoples and places in my life; the other map shows the same thing but in my schoolmate life.

The similarities between our maps are few, for example we both included our homes and they took the same amount of space, also they are the biggest objects on our maps, because it symbolize our
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The differences between our maps is defiantly noticeable, starting from the overall colors of the maps, were you can see that I drew a street and several buildings that took a big part of the map, that’s why dark colors like black and brown were dominating the map, while her map was more colorful, because she added some natural attractions. In terms of locations, according to Klinghoffer, “when a child draw a map of his neighborhood, he egocentrically tends to place his own home near its center”, and that’s what I saw in her map, where she located her home at the bottom center, while my home is at the bottom left, the reason why is it on the left side, it is because in reality it is on the left the side of my neighborhood. The distance between her house and Zayed University is small, since she lives in Mohamed bin Zayed city, which is near to Zayed University, and since I live in new Shahama, my map showed a clear big distance between my house and the university. Another difference is that she included
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