“Similarities And Differences Between Youth Of Today And

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“Similarities and Differences between Youth of Today and Yesterday” I was born in 1970, spent my teenage years in the 1980’s and am currently raising teenagers in the second decade of 2000. Reflecting on my teen years I recall large hair, tight designer jeans, leg warmers and Madonna blaring out of the boom box that we lugged around on our shoulders. As I look around at the teenagers of today I see various 70’s, 80’s and 90’s clothes styles come and go, hair of different colors decorating boys, girls and transgender individuals. Music no longer blares from a large box, but rather is sent directly into the ears of its listeners from a small, thin I-phone that doubles as a mini computer. Such are the surface similarities and differences,…show more content…
Today’s teens, no longer talk, but text. They use social media menus that change in popularity each year. Facebook is out, Twitter is for older individuals, Instagram, Facetime and Snapchat dominate today but maybe not tomorrow. Teens in my day associated with friends in their school and neighborhoods. In today’s world the internet allows youth to communicate with people across the country and the world. They can be in a room of a hundred people and not communicate to one of them, but at the same time be texting or facetiming hundreds across the globe. Technology is amazing at connecting but can be incredibly isolating as well. Teens in 2017 have the added stress of cyber bullying and posting something inappropriate on the internet that can affect their life forever. An underage drinking picture put on Instagram can destroy a youth’s admittance into college and work careers before they even get started. The world is not as forgiving for the youth today as it was in the 1980’s. teens throughout the ages have and continue to deal with Human sexuality is a subject that. All youth go through the awkward years of puberty, discovering who they are as a person, changing voices, changing bodies and self-esteem fluctuations. The difference today versus when I was a teen is that the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender movement has come to the forefront of public awareness. In my day, the
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