Similarities And Differences Of Sentencing In The American Court System

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In the sentencing and court structure of the American court system the two are different any many ways but they are some similarities in how cases are handle in court. The indeterminate and structure sentencing are similar in comparison are proportionality, equity, and social debit is three of the factors. The four sentencing options are lean to harsh sentencing depending on the crime the offender has committed will determine which one the defendant will receive.

Comparison the sentencing and court structurers The sentencing is a penalty imposed on offenders, the purpose and goals are determining a sentencing to justifying the crime the offender committed. The purpose also serves as punishment to the defendant for what he/she has done to the victim. The court structures and sentencing in comparison is alike in many ways on how the courts handle the sentencing. The American court system deal with criminals in various levels of courts and the court system handle the sentencing the same but the outcome of the case may be may be loner depending on the seriousness of the crime committed. The American court systems all serve the same purpose when come to handling sentencing and that is getting justice for the victim. There are several sentencing goals such as: retribution, incapacitation, general and specific deterrence, rehabilitation and restoration. The all have different purpose and in the American court system. (Frank Schmalleger Criminal Justice a Brief
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