Similarities And Differences Of The Boston Massacre And The Kent State Shooting

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There are many differences and similarities between the Boston Massacre and the Kent State shooting. One similarity between the two are that both the students and the colonist were throwing rocks and calling the the soldiers unpoliet names. Both the Ohio National Guard and the British Soldiers fired at the students and colonist. Also both the National Guard and the British soldiers carried bayonets. Both protests were strong enough that proper authorities had to come in and help maintain the crowd who were protesting. The protesters both went to a bar before they started to protest. Now I’m going to start talking about some differences. There are many similarities; however, there are also many differences. To start, the Boston Massacre started because the colonist didn’t want to pay taxes (Townshend Act) unless they had representatives in parliament. The colonist were having to pay for land that they were not allowed to use, they also had to pay taxes for the British soldiers to come to the colonies. It only made the colonist more mad when they had to pay for the British soldiers to come to the colonies. The Kent state shooting happened because…show more content…
Jeffrey Glenn Miller, Allison B. Krause, William Knox Schroeder, Sandra Lee Scheuer were the four students that died. Theses students died from various gunshot wounds. Jeffrey Miller was shot and died on impact. Sandra Scheuer was shot and died moments later. Allison B. Krause and William Schroeder Obtained chest wounds and died at the hospital. There are also people who were injured as well: Joseph Lewis, Jr., John R. Cleary, Thomas Mark Grace, Alan Michael Canfora, Dean R. Kahler, Douglas Alan Wrentmore, James Dennis Russell, Robert Follis Stamps, and Donald Scott MacKenzie. In contrast five men were killed during the Boston Massacre: Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, James Caldwell, Crispus Attucks, and Patrick
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