Similarities And Similarities Between Thoreau And Mccandless

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Thoreau and McCandless are people who are very similar and different at the same time. The thing is people can’t be completely the same even if they tried to. You can’t think the same thoughts at the same time, people are bound to have differences. People are always growing and changing even if it is in the smallest way. This makes it impossible to be exactly the same as other people. Of course the same is true for the other side too. You can’t be a completely different person either. People are also bound to have similarities. We are all humans so that’s a similarity. But do similarities and differences matter? In the end we know that Thoreau and McCandless have many similarities and differences, here are three examples of them; Thoreau and McCandless are both determined and hard-working people, McCandless went to the forest to run away from his family problems while Thoreau went to the forest to live by himself, and they both hate materialism. Chris McCandless hated the idea of materialism. He didn’t accept gifts from anyone including his parents. This is shown when his parents wanted to buy him a car and he got mad at them. He wanted to work hard for what he earned. He did not believe that possessions could give him happiness. Even on the way to the woods, he did not accept things like clothing and unnecessary items from other people. Before he left on his journey he donated most of his money to charity and burned the rest. He also threw away his I.D. and credit card.
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