Similarities And Similarities Of Judaism

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Religion for everyone can be quite different because there are many different forms that they can take on. There are many different kinds such as Catholicism, Muslim, Christianity, Buddhism, and many more. Often enough they have their own similarities, such as one God, same beliefs with slightly different versions of praying or rituals and there are many other things of notice. The ones that I wish to discuss are the religions Judaism, one of the larger groups in the world and a smaller one known as Heathenry. The reason for me choosing these two is because they have a large amount of differences just from the surface alone, some of the main ones being that they have completely different size of followers. For Judaism, the size is in the millions while Heathenry is the opposite and falls below 500,000. Another major factor is that Judaism only has one God versus how Heathenry has multiply as well as spirits. The main concepts that will be focused on Myths, Rituals, religious practitioners or specialists and the altered states of consciousness, as well as how they believe the world was created. The first one to be discussed is the major one first, Judaism which is located around the world but started off in cities such as Jerusalem. Judaism had a variety of moments, most were from Rabbinic Judaism, which says that God revealed his laws and commandments to Moses. This was challenged by various other groups and provided splits, one being Judaism.
The first topic to be
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