Similarities Between American Beauty And The American Dream

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Leading up to the great 2016 American election Bernie Sanders stated that “for many the American Dream has become a nightmare”. The relevance of this quote is strongly represented in the film American Beauty directed by Sam Mendes and the play The Glass Menagerie written by Tennessee Williams. With The Glass Menagerie being set in the early 30’s, American Beauty just before the turn of the Millennium in 1999 and Bernie quoting the American Dream in recent years, it is obvious that throughout the decades society continues to trap victims into the dangerous illusion that is the American Dream. The two texts explore this idea of the American Dream being unattainable and contrasts reality with dream resulting in self suffocation, disturbance of relationships and the ultimate desperate action, The authors question the American Dream and invite the audience to uncover the reality of the characters voicing the American Dream and their suffocated by their false ideas of happiness. In American Beauty, Lester’s wife Carolyn believes strongly in the philosophy that hard work and opportunity is rewarded by status, power and wealth – the American Dream. Her belief that wealth equals success consumes her and is expressed in the form of material possessions which she thinks defines her self-worth. Her image of success is projected though her clothing and body language. Carolyn is introduced in a scene where she is clipping the roses outside so they look perfect, integrating her fascination
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