Similarities Between Ancient And Modern Egypt

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Ancient Egypt and modern Egypt are drastically different in many ways, whether it be government, communication, culture, social classes, and alike, this is because Modern Egypt has become more advanced and more logical.

Ancient Egypt and modern Egypt have different forms of government. The Pharaoh was an ancient Egyptian ruler (there were more than one of course), who was to be believed especially powerful, and considered to be something similar to a god, but in human flesh. Modern day Egypt does indeed have a “great leader” but is known as a president. They are not known as anything like a god but are indeed an important governmental person. The Pharaoh would control the taxes and land, he governed upper and lower Egypt, even protecting the
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In Saudi Arabia it is quite common to discriminate against women as they are seen as the weaker gender and such. Whereas in ancient Egypt women were treated as very close to equals to men. In some cases even higher, take Cleopatra for example, she was a powerful queen in ancient Egypt for a time. She has now become one of the most common and well-known queen of ancient Egyptian times, ruling from 69 B. C to 30 B.C. Saudi Arabian culture also uses religion to discriminate people, and now modern Egypt is doing the same. It was only slightly used in ancient Egypt but aside from that, modern Egypt has used much more often. Ancient Egypt also did not have any cultural diffusion (being influenced by other religions, culture and alike) because it was entirely surrounded by desert. Egypt and ancient Egypt are influenced by different cultures, in ancient Egypt women were treated as equals or higher, where now in modern Egypt, since it is influenced by Saudi Arabian culture, women are discriminated against. As well as people, they do this by using their religion…show more content…
As it has been stated in previous paragraphs, technology has come far from what it was thousands of years ago. And since ancient Egypt is believed to be found around 3000 B. C (this being because of the Nile river being controlled by a leader) it is safe to say that there were no cellular devices, for certain. Writing was not necessarily created by the Egyptians but ancient Egyptians certainly created papyrus paper and it was thus sold to Greece and Rome. The temples are also a huge example of Egyptian technology from back then. Of course, it was created by slaves but that was what was used back then, they did not have machines so human labour was common. Glass making, although not a very popular form of technology, the earliest glass beads from Ancient Egypt were from 1500 B. C, consisting of a variety of colours. A lot of medication in ancient Egypt would follow along religious things, but Egyptians used a lot of herbs that we now use today. Modern day Egypt is obviously more advanced in many ways, writing has turned into texting/typing, there a many superior forms of keeping track of information now. The temples are now a historical thing but buildings now are made of metals and glass, many materials that people would not have thousands of years ago. Glass making is even more advanced now, especially now that there are machines to do all the
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