Similarities Between Ancient Egypt And Ancient Mesopotamia

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Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Mesopotamian cultures are alike in many ways from the government to religion. Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Mesopotamian had social classes that ideas mapped out onto a pyramid. Both, of course, had people like the Rulers and ministers were at the top. People that were torched and was told what to do like slaves were at the bottom of the pyramid. People that were selling or trading goods were in the middle of the pyramid. As for jobs, both Egyptian and Mesopotamian had soldiers, religious leaders, craftsman’s *people that built weapons and many more things*, farmers and people that write news for them. Religion is something that every culture has. Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Mesopotamian believed in more than…show more content…
The social classes from both are pretty much the same. Jobs was different at both places. In Ancient Egyptian, the only way that a person would be able to write the news is only if they are wealthy. In Ancient Mesopotamian, they had someone who would cook their food for them. Even thought that Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Mesopotamian religion were alike in many ways, there were differences. Ancient Egyptian when a person dies they are not just buried with different items but they also turn into mummy like. In Ancient Mesopotamian, they have seven gods that they describe different elements. Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Mesopotamian cities were different because Ancient Mesopotamian were more urban and had an independent ruler. In Ancient Egyptian, they had village type houses. Also, Ancient Mesopotamian was surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and had two different civilization called the Sumer and millennium…show more content…
Ancient Greek brought us things like science, math, and art, things we still used until this very day. Ancient Greek sort of brought us the government. Only men could have the say so. The people would gather around and make laws and punishments. Ancient Greek brought the world a jury. A jury is citizens that sit in court and listen to what is going on and they hate the say so if the person guilty or not. In Ancient Greek, it is kind of different, there are still citizens vote on what happens, but if a person did not like a person they could vote that person out the city. Also in Ancient Greek, the citizens decided on the punishment, but now in the world today the judges decided on the punishment. Ancient Greek brought us entertainment. Ancient Greek would have festivals that would honor people. Ancient Greek also started the Olympic games. It started thousands of years ago, they started hosting games every four years, and we still do that till this very day. Ancient Greek used to build temples that represent they society. With that being said, Ancient Greek brought us architecture. Ancient Greek brought us art, like stated before. They would make sculpture only using natural products. The sculpture would honor the Greeks heroes, Gods or
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