Similarities Between Ancient Egypt And Mesopotamia

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When it comes to the course of human evolution the logical concept of survival would be to form groups with others who share a mutual understanding and dependency. From small isolated nomads to groups to communities it’s understandable that with time societies would form and later become civilizations. Two of the earliest considered civilizations in human history are Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. However, because of the different geography, exposure to outside invasion, influence, and beliefs, Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia came to not only contrast in political and social structures but also share similarities in them as well. When it came to the development of Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations politics played a prominent role in structuring the very foundation of each respective civilization. For instance, when it came to Ancient Egypt there existed a strong emphasized on having a powerful central authority figure, while the Mesopotamians’ political structure consisted of regional city-states. Because of the difference in political structure power was distributed differently in the two civilizations. In ancient Egypt, the central authority was the pharaoh. This person was the sole and absolute ruler of Egypt and as such was responsible for its prosperity. However, the pharaoh wouldn’t govern alone. After attaining the throne he would appoint others to help him during his rule. Some examples of appointed positions are chief minister, scribes, chief
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