Similarities Between Antigone And John Q

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The media of the modern world and the Ancient Greek world are actually more similar than they may seem at first. Even though the time periods are centuries apart, they have many of the same elements to them. The play Antigone is about a young woman who buries her brother despite the fact that her uncle, the king, says that it is against the law to do so. The movie John Q is about a man whose son is very sick and needs a heart transplant, but they cannot afford it since they are in a recession. Antigone and John Q are similar because they include fate, they accept their consequences willingly, and they have an unyielding character. The main characters of the play Antigone and the movie John Q are similar in the way that both characters experience fate. In Antigone, Polyneices just happened to be lightly covered with just the right amount of dust to achieve peace. There were also no signs that anybody had done this. In scene 1,the sentry said, “There it was, the strangest- look: the body just mounded over with light dust: you see? Not buried really, but as if they’d covered it just enough for the ghost’s peace”(1.1.112). This quote illustrates how his body was buried enough to the point where he could have been able to achieve peace after death. Similarly, in John Q ,the donor that had died in the car accident just happened to be an exact match. If the extraordinary event of fate that occurred when Polyneices was buried, he would not have been able to completely achieve

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