Similarities Between Antigone And Whale Rider

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In modern day society women are viewed as equals and sometimes as superiors although in the past and portrayed in films and books that may not always be the truth. In the play Antigone and the film Whale Rider, two females are struggling for power against society's views. Although both leading characters are strong women battling to be equal or have a place in their society, there are other similarities between the two and there are some differences. The main similarity between the two girls are that they both are doing what they believe is right for themselves and their people. First off, the major similarity between these two females is that they both had a set fate, something otherwise known as a prophecy. Although they both had two…show more content…
Lastly, the final similarity between Antigone and Pai is they both have a high respect for the dead. Antigone believes that her brother deserves a burial. She respects him so much that she breaks the law to bury him herself. She even says “I did. I deny not a thing” (Sophocles, 358) when she was confronted about her brother's grave. She says this because she is not ashamed for what she has done and will accept any punishment that is given to her because she believes that she has done nothing wrong. Pai respects the ancestors that were before her and at one point even called them to her. When they arrived though (in whale form) they were beached and then she even risked her life to bring them back to where they came from. Although she was risking her life Pai stated in the film “I wasn’t scared to die” (Whale Rider, 1:29:03). Pai saw that these whales were her ancestors and was clairvoyant, knowing what needed to be done; even though it might have seemed like a daft decision. She had to bring them back into the ocean. Both women were willing to have their lives be taken away from them because of what they believe in. The message between these two different women who came from two different times and seemingly really two different worlds is that they both fight for what they believe in. This is important in life and

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