Similarities Between Antwone Fisher And Fences

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Defeating Battles In August Wilson's play, Fences, Bono says, “Some people build fences to keep people out… and other people build fences to keep people in”(Wilson 61). Due to past experiences, many people keep their anger inside and alienate the people they are close to. For example, Troy, in Fences, experiences a rough childhood while growing up. This is brought about due to neglect by his father. Because of this, Troy makes the decision to isolate the people who are close to him. Troy has an affair with Alberta; therefore, he alienates Rose, his wife. Similarly, in the film Antwone Fisher, the main character, Antwone is sexually abused in his foster home. Antwone is afraid to be in a relationship with Cheryl because he feels he cannot allow anyone into his inner sanctum. The young, male protagonists in both the film Antwone Fisher and the play Fences share a connection in that they suffer from abuse during their childhoods, and now isolate themselves from others as…show more content…
Because of the hard conflicts in Troy’s life, it shaped how he was treating Rose. Alberta helps Troy escape from the real world. Troy avoided his responsibility towards Rose, repeats the same mistakes of his father, and later dies from a heart attack . In comparison, Antwone went through a series of counselling to help him come to terms with the past. As Davenport helped him move on with his life; he reinforces the meaning of the word forgiveness, which means, “Regard without ill-will despite an offense...” (Antwone.n.pag.). This concept is something Troy was not taught in his adulthood, which caused him to act the way he does. He does not conquer the past and deal through the issues of his childhood. Antwone Fisher achieved a healthy lifestyle with the help of Davenport and is, therefore, allowing Cheryl in his

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