Similarities Between Bill Gates and Martin Luther King Jr

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Upon first thought, there do not appear to be a plethora of similarities existent between Bill Gates, capitalist extraordinaire and revered technologist, and Martin Luther King Jr., who is principally acclaimed for his contribution to the Civil Rights Movement. Still, it would not be inaccurate to state that both men substantially changed the nature of the United States in their respective times. Additionally, Gates' retirement from day-to-day activities at Microsoft for a career in philanthropy are more aligned with the sort of altruism for which King Jr. is principally famous. Perhaps the chief similarity among these two men is their thought process, which is based on their external surroundings and their own internal conceptions for transforming them. King Jr.'s contributions to society were significantly more radical than that of Gates, since he played a part in effecting a social transformation that affected the lives of virtually everyone in the country. The former was able to make strides towards the full-fledged civil rights of African Americans which, by extension, made it easier for other racial minorities to fight for and attain similar rights. Specifically, King Jr. was able to overturn racial segregation and implement a nationwide integration in virtually all areas of life. He was a convincing speaker who moved people with the power of his words. (Powell, 2008). The Civil Rights campaign of the late 1950's and 1960's resulted in an increasing parity of
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