Similarities Between Bonaparte And Napoleon

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Both Maximilien Robespierre and Napoleon Bonaparte used the revolution as a wave they rode to the power. Without the revolution, neither of them would have gotten to the position that they did. It is true that they both had to work themselves up to get there. They went to schools to educate themselves and the revolution liked the people who were educated. People like lawyers and doctors were voted to the National Assembly to represent the common people of France. A lot of the well-educated people had a much bigger chance to grow as leaders and get to the power. The ones who took their positions seriously and used the revolution to help them get to the power were mainly Maximilien Robespierre and Napoleon Bonaparte. The careers of Robespierre and Napoleon were very similar. They both accomplished many big things and both crashed in a terrible way. Robespierre stood behind the idea of a great republic instead of a monarchy and followed the ideology no matter what. His purity allowed him to make decisions that got him to one of the highest positions in the National Assembly. He even managed to get to become the one that was making the decisions. He was a member of the Jacobin’s club which was strongly republican. However, after Robespierre started getting too violent and also, little bit after he ordered the death of, the people loved, D’Anton, the common people started to not like him. The common people saw him as another dictator how was trying to get to the place of Louis
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