Similarities Between Bordeaux And Burgundy From The Same Field : Location, Climate And Terroir, And Grapes

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Introduction This paper will zero in on compare and contrast two different regions which are Bordeaux and Burgundy in the same field: location, Climate and Terroir, and Grapes. Discuss the early history of the development of each region, including the specific examples. Then review the location, Climate and Terroir, and Grapes that rank the wines as among the best in the world. To conclude, look into the future of each region to analyze prospects for continued success.
The history of Bordeaux Wine The history of the Bordeaux wine region dates back to the ancient Romans who were the first people to cultivate, plant vineyards and produce Bordeaux wine. The Romans took over the area in about 60 BC, and it was starting to earn fame for its wines as far back as in 1152 when Henry of England wed Eleanor of Aquitaine, who controlled the region. The Bordeaux appellation was perfect for cultivating grapes for wine. It offered the unique combination of the right soil for growing grapes used in the production of wine coupled with easy access to the Garonne river, which was needed to help ship the wines. Because after a series of attacks on the city in 1206, greater freedom was granted, so it lead to the 12th century became the start of Bordeaux’s golden age. Over the centuries winemakers of the region have mastered both the art of blending and have learnt to work with Bordeaux’s unique climate and terrain to produce a wide diversity of reds, whites and roses all…
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