Similarities Between Brazil And Congo

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the statistic illustrates data on water consumption in Brazil and Congo in 2000. While, the diagram compares the amount of global water used for three categories: agriculture, industries, and homes from 1900 to 2000.

It is apparent from the lines chart, precisely in agriculture, the water consumption was always higher than others, although the consumption in threes areas had increase and reached at peak in 2000. The water used for agriculture was about 500km in 1000, during one hundred years after, it climbed significantly to 3000km, which was largest number in 2000. This figure had just over three times as much as the highest proportion in industrial use and six times as much as its of domestic use. Moreover, both water consumption of industries and homes bottomed out in 1900 at below 100km.
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Water consumption per person in Brazil, at 569 m, was higher than that in the Congo, at only 8 m, and this could be explained by the fact that Brazil had 265 times more irrigated
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