Similarities Between Caabeza De Spaas And European Conquistadors

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Prof. Polanco Ariana Portilla LAT 150 October 26th, 2017 1) Cabeza de Vaca was a European conquistador who explored La Americas and some of Mexico as he led his expedition through it, known as having the power to cure people and tried to get New Spain’s settlements. Ponce de Last was another Spanish conquistador and explorer who led his expedition through the Caribbean region in the 18th century. Hernan Cortes was another Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztec empire in Central America. The similarities these three conquistadors had were that they all had a purpose, which was to become rich by encountering gold by any means necessary and obtaining land or become colonizers of these places. These conquistadors stayed true to their word and created so much devastation among many different people, as it was in many places included in the Spanish empire. 2) The way the Spanish empire differed from the England empire in the ventures into the new world was the amount of lives that were taken within the Spanish conquest, comparing to the numerous deaths that were caused by the English empire. 3) Similarities between the Spanish and European at the contest point were many. Many native people were killed, women were raped and/or sexually used, men and women were used as slaves and the women were highly mistreated, not only physically but physiologically too. All of this happened with the Natives. The Spanish and European both wished for colonization or get parts or

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