Similarities Between Catcher In The Rye And The Pleasure Of My Company

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Introduction: One may not realize that a person is living in isolation especially if they are seen around people. It is quite a wonder that one can be quite alienated from normal life or people while still living around them. More so, it is surprising how a person could just choose to live indoors because of his phobia and be happy enjoying his own company. In the two works of literature, The Pleasure of my Company by Steve Martin and The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger, this theme has been expressed in different ways. While Martin in his book, The Pleasure of My Company expresses the theme of isolation by develops a protagonist who is confined from the normal social life like other people by his fears, Salinger develops such a…show more content…
Much of the setting is not in one apartment but several places, but still lacks friends. The protagonists have different ways of dealing with their alienation where the protagonist in The Pleasure of my Company, Daniel, chooses to remain indoors while Holden in the Catcher in the Rye engages in careless activities. Daniel chooses to stay away from his obsessive fears, and feels quite okay with it and passes time doing indoor activities. He feels safer and hardly goes out or even tries to cross the road ( On the other hand, Holden goes out to deal with his alienation by seeking to have sex with girls in the bar after he decides to quit school where he cannot stand those around his friends. He seeks company from girls although he does not know how to interact with them, and is unhappy about his life. While both works show both protagonists undergoing rehabilitation or therapy, the settings under which these therapies are carried out are quite different. Daniel receives his therapy at his apartment where he is visited by a therapist, Clarissa twice a week and a pharmacist. He does not have to leave the company of his apartment (Jays, 2003). Daniel invites the right people to help him from his own apartment. On the other hand, as Holden narrates his story, he does not give a clear location of where he is, but he does make it clear that he is in a mental hospital undergoing treatment

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