Similarities Between Charlotte Bronte’s Life and Jane Eyre’s Life

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ABSTRACT This study mainly concerns with the similarities between Jane Eyre and Charlotte Bronte’s life. The aim is to find out how Charlotte Bronte’s life and experiences affect Jane Eyre. The most frequently and the most effective similarities from the earlier parts of their lives to the end of their lives are given in this study. It is also aimed to determine the frequency of similarities and effectiveness of these similarities by analyzing their lives. After analyzing the collected data, the findings of the analysis show that there are many similarities in each part of their lives. The similarities in their childhood are the most effective ones. It can be easily concluded that Jane Eyre is based on the life of Charlotte…show more content…
Outline of the Study There are five chapters in this research. The first chapter is Introduction Chapter. Chapter One, Introduction, includes background of the study, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, research questions, significance of the study, literature review, methodology, and outline of the study. The second chapter is Literature Review. Literature Review deals with the studies undertaken by other different researchers about both Charlotte Bronte and Jane Eyre. The childhood, choice of employment, love, the similarities between real characters and other novel characters, and a brief conclusion part are included in this chapter. The third chapter is the Methodology Chapter which describes the methodology used in this research. At first, the general aims and objectives of the study are presented. Then, background information about Charlotte Bronte is stated. After that, general information about Jane Eyre is also stated. Finally, the steps involved in the study, information about data collection, and data analysis are given. The fourth chapter is Discussions and Results Chapter. Firstly, research questions are stated, and then the results and findings are presented in the light of the data collection and analysis. Afterwards, it analyses and discusses the findings of the research questions. It also discusses a
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