Similarities Between Chicago And Gatsby

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Thesis Statement: Both Chicago and Gatsby show that, in the 1920s, society viewed women as a joke and they're better off being entertainers.

Paragraph 1 In Chicago, Roxie Hart is seen as joke in her musical plays because she is trying to earn money and be one of the best actress by showing off her body while dancing.

Paragraph 2: In The Great Gatsby, Daisy and Jordan are seen as jokes because Daisy decided to leave Gatsby during his duration in the war. Jordan is also seen as a joke because she is unfaithful towards her relationship with Nick.

Paragraph 3: In Chicago, it is clear than the men want women only to get in bed and not have a relationship with the women.

Paragraph 4: In The Great Gatsby, it is clear than men want women only to be trustworthy with their relationships, they don't want them leaving for another man for the money or any other reason.
Women’s 1920 Social Position Essay The novel The Great Gatsby and the film Chicago have many differences and similarities. The Great Gatsby is based on a man named Jay Gatsby. The novel is told by a once neighbor named Nick Carraway. The film Chicago is movie filled with music and color. Roxie Hart who was charged with murder is thrown in jail. She hires Billy Flynn as her lawyer who is also Velma Kelly’s lawyer who was also charged with murder for killing her husband. In both the film and novel the women stand out. Whether it be Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly in Chicago or Daisy Buchanan and Jordan Baker in
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