Similarities Between Chinese And Western Detective Novels

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One day, Sherlock Holmes received a letter from Colonel Greg that he was invited to solve a murder. Then he went to Laurie Street with Watson to see the scene of the crime. They found a corpse without traumas in a deserted empty house and "RACHE" was written on the wall with blood. In addition, there were two different footprints on the ground. It seemed that the event was in a blurred state. However, after a detailed investigation and careful reasoning, Holmes finally found the murderer. Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous characters in all detective novels. Although The Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allan Poe is often regarded as a symbol of the detective fiction, which has made detective novels popular in the world was The Complete Sherlock Holmes. With the…show more content…
In the western detective novels, law is the measure of all cases. By contrast, good and evil sometimes are judged by moral standards in Chinese detective novels. There are some reasons for explanation. At the first place, people in China and in the west have different aesthetic habits. Western people promote the spirit of the rule of law, which is based on facts. Instead, what is reflected in Chinese detective novels is the spirit of justice and the spirit of anti-evil. Another reason is the difference in the way of thinking. For example, The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Conan•Doyle has showed the rigorous logic, but in The bloody paper man, which is written by Chinese writer Sun Liaohong, the karma of Buddhist has replaced the law. Last, the conventional thoughts are different between Chinese and western people. Nowadays, the western people have a much stronger sense of law, whereas Chinese still tend to influence people by morality. The basis of judgments in the detective novels depend on ingrained social mind, they cannot be changed in a casual
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