Similarities Between Christianity And Islam

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Christianity came about 2000 years ago and was founded by Jesus Christ. It is mostly practiced in the Western world with a population of about 2 billion people. The name Christianity came from a Greek word ‘Christos’ meaning Jesus Christ and was founded between 4 B.C. and 30 A.D, and consist of the 3 major groups which are the Roman Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox. Islam on the other hand was founded about 1400 years ago by Muhammad in 600’s A.D. The word Islam is derived from an Arabic word for submission and was founded between 570 and 632 A.D, there exists two main groups of Islam: Sunni and Shia ( The teachings of Muhammad where compiled after his death in order to make up a sacred text called the Quran. Both of these religions have similarities and differences in terms of beliefs and rituals which shall be discussed below.
Similarities in Beliefs and Rituals between Christianity and Islam
Christians and Muslims both believe in the existence of angels where Christians believe that angels are created non-human beings who carry out the work of God while Muslims state that angels were created from light without free will and serve God. They both believe in heaven or paradise: Christian’s state heaven as the place where God dwells and it’s the final home for all saved Christians while Muslims state that paradise is a place of great bliss where the desires of faithful Muslims are met. The two religions ascertain the existence of hell: Christians state
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