Similarities Between Cinderella And Cinderella

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Since Cinderella is completely defined by her actions, by the value of beauty and by the influence of male figures, her characteristics are ultimately dependent upon the gender norms and societal structures in which she lives. In Cinderella by the Brothers Grimm, Cinderella appears to victimize herself by letting herself be subject to the humiliation from her stepmother; she is completely reliant on the prince to save her from the awful living situation and luckily ends up as a princess surrounded by lavish gifts. Whereas in Joseph Jacobs’ Catskin, the Cinderella-esque character acts accordingly to strategically manipulate those around her when placed in jeopardy; her cunning actions are the driving force in achieving her happy ending. These two characters, though holding similarities of being limited by their gender, they both hold distinctive and similar features that ultimately affect the outcome of the fairy tale.
Brothers Grimm’s version of Cinderella is depicted
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Within both fairytales, the protagonists are described to be attractive through such beauty was disguised by their circumstance; in Cinderella, she “didn’t have a bed but had to lie down next to the hearth in the ashes. She always looked so dusty and dirty that people started to call her Cinderella” (Grimm). Cinderella’s beauty was not noticed, without the help of wonderful gowns that also altered other’s perceptions of her. Cinderella “looked so beautiful in the dress of gold that they thought she must be the daughter of a foreign king. They never imagined it could be Cinderella for they were sure that she was at home, sitting in the dirt and picking lentils out of the ashes” (Grimm). Though Catskin was “bonny as bonny could be. [Her father] cared naught for her, and said, ‘Let me never see her face,’” she still opted to hide her identity under something that caused abuse upon her
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