Similarities Between Civil Liberties And Civil Rights

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Perumatti 4 Paul Perumatti Mrs Sherry Sharifian GOVT-2305-71063 7 October 2017 Civil Liberties v. Civil Rights Everyone is born with liberties and rights, but not everyone has equal liberties and rights. 1 Civil liberties and civil rights have been debated since the founding of the American government. Civil liberties are the fundamental rights that an individual was born with, which is protected by the government. Civil rights are when everyone’s rights are equally protected by the government from other governments and people and allow equal access to society’s opportunities and facilities. Civil liberties and civil rights share similarities and differences and has a great influence on my life. Civil liberties and civil rights have similarities and differences because of equality and rights. 2 Both civil liberties and civil rights are found in the Bill of Rights and in the Constitution. According to Patterson, “The Constitution’s failure to enumerate individual freedoms led to demands for the Bill of Rights. These first 10 amendments to the Constitution list a set of rights that the federal government is obliged to protect” (Patterson, 94). In the Bill of Rights, civil liberties specify the individual’s rights like freedom of speech, the right to a fair court trial, and other rights, which is protected by the government. 3 Patterson says, “Civil rights are a question of whether individual members of differing groups, such as racial, gender, and ethnic groups, are treated
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