Similarities Between Communism And Communism

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Compare and Contrast Essay Since the development of human society, people have followed some form of leadership or abided by a government. Be it as simple as the rules of village elders or as abstract as the fear of divine punishment by their god, societies function under rules and laws which attempt to ensure the survival of their community. In modern history, civilizations have moved away from monarchies and feudal systems and into intricate large scale polarized governments. In this global community governments vary in their placement on the political spectrum. Two of these political theories which hail from the opposite reaches of the political compass are communism and fascism. Throughout history governments implementing these…show more content…
Of course, this was not the case, since the government controlled all wealth, political officials and their friends became the new wealthy higher class. In fascist Germany, the road to equality was somewhat more sinister. Adolf Hitler’s plan for a classless society was the core of the Nazi ideology. To have a “perfect” society the Nazi’s believed that it must be made up of perfect individuals, whom they believed to be the Aryan race. Hitler’s solution of making Germany classless, was to terminate those who he believed to be the lower classes. In his pursuit of a purely Aryan society Hitler and the Nazis murdered millions of innocent Jews as well as many gypsies, homosexuals, Slavs, and others who didn’t fit the Nazi mold. Historically although fascists and communist both believed in reaching classless societies, the communist approach was to destroy wealth while the fascist destroyed what they believed to be the lower classes. Communism is often presented near anarchism on the political spectrum, yet historically and in theory communism, like fascism, it tends to be a totalitarian form of government. Marx believed to achieve true communism absolute control over the economy, education, and means of production were necessary. In Nazi Germany although capitalist, they consolidated power in the state to regulate large scale capitalism and industry. One of the Nazi’s most notorious practices was the indoctrination of Nazi propaganda and
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