Similarities Between Death Of A Salesman And Soucouyant

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Memory and Memory loss in Death of a Salesman and Soucouyant
The Death of a Salesman and Soucouyant both broach the topic of memory, in opposite but complementary ways. Where ‘Death’ is about falsifying positive memories, and Soucouyant is about ‘forgetting to forget’. Where adeles memories are a trauma, and very much tried to forget, willies memories are a solace to him, and a way for him to cope with his failures. Both detail an unchronological slip of a figure into mental illness, and both end in death. Both glorify the ‘American’ dream (in the case of soucouyant, the Canadian dream) and the main characters of both are outliers on this dream, coming close but never seeming to reach it. However, in Adele and Rogers case, this is due to
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You’ve got to make up your mind now, darling, there’s no leeway anymore. Either he’s your father and you pay him that respect, or else you’re not to come here.
This is paralleled in Rogers statement about adele. ‘Hey, boy, stop that now. She only forgetting, worser thing have happen’ (22)” Although there is obviously something wrong with adele, and wrong with Willy, it is not discussed and must be forced out into the open.
This shows that although Linda is shown to know about Willys suicide attempts, and how skewed his reality is ‘ Willy Loman never made a lot of money. His name was never in the paper. He’s not the finest character that ever lived.’(39), through the hose pipe and the car crash, she fails to do anything other than to react, putting the hose on after Willy has tried to kill himself, and then trying to sweep it under the table, even as Biff is trying to confront his father with reality. Both texts also have the theme of deep seeded cultural identity and its effect on memory. Cultural identity is shown through the manifestation of the memory through both their illnesses, leading back to what is ingrained deeply in them. For adele, it is the songs and traditions of her culture, through the many different types of mangos and half-remembered baking recipes, as well as the reality of the country she grew up in as a child. For Willy, his cultural identity comes
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Adele is many times too prideful to admit that she has forgotten things, such as her sons name, or what day of the week it is. It is Adele's pride which also stopped her from telling her sons about her past. This pride is conveyed by Merra near the end of the book, in her own remembrances of her childhood. ’This is the seventies, Meera. This is Canada… You have endless opportunities for wealth and happiness. Always make sure to capitalize. Always make sure to distinguish yourself.’ (157). This quote mirrors Willys own assumption that because the American dream is available, it is certain that he will achieve it if he works hard enough. Likewise, Meera is told by her mother that her new cultural identity is Canadian, and her cultural identity of being black and a woman should not get in the way of

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