Similarities Between Egypt And Ancient Civilizations

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Throughout human history we have had government. Almost every civilization that humans have founded over the years has had some form of government. They include dictatorships, republics, oligarchies, and monarchies. Monarchies have been a common one through history. A monarchy is a form of government in which a country is ruled by a figured such as king or emperor. Since it was created many different forms of monarchy developed as different civilizations changed it to meet their needs. They changed the roles the ruler played in the government to the way the ruler was picked. Even though they changed much about it some civilizations used similar methods when it came to their version of the monarchy. So while some places the monarchies looked very different in other places they look very similar. This means that over the course of history from ancient civilizations to modern forms of monarchies there have been similarities. Egypt was among one of the large ancient civilizations in its time. It lasted around thirty centuries from its start to its fall to Alexander the Great ( Over this thirty century period the civilization saw many different rulers and many different eras including the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, the New Kingdom, and the Late period (Sayre 65-90). Over these many rulers or pharaohs as they were called many different changes took place in Egypt. One thing did not change though and that was that the pharaohs held the power over everyone in
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