Similarities Between Egyptian And Mesoamerican Societies

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There are many societies from ancient time to present time that have similarities and differences from one another. Amongst the many societies in the world, are Egyptian and Mesoamerican societies. There are many similarities as well as differences among Egyptian and Mesoamerican societies.
Egyptian and Mesoamerican societies have many similarities to begin, both societies were complex civilizations. Both Egyptian societies and Mesoamerican societies developed their own cultures and religious beliefs. The Mesoamericans and as well as the Egyptians both believed in a god. Both societies also believed that this god needed to be praised and worshipped in order to have good harvests and enough of a food supply for their people to survive. Both Egyptians and Mesoamericans built structures for their religions, the Egyptians built pyramids while Mesoamericans built temples. The Egyptians believed their pharaoh’s were the sons of their gods and used the pyramids to bury the pharaoh’s after they died(TeenInk). The Maya and Olmec of the Mesoamerican societies built temples for the use of a ritual site. The Mesoamerican ritual sites were also used to sacrifice humans that they believed god wanted blood in return for things they did for the Mesoamerican people. The Meso Americans would play a ball game and whoever the winner was would be sacrificed to the gods, this was considered as a respect to the gods(Bentley, 2011).
Ancient Egypt and Mesoamerica had another thing in common, a…
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