Similarities Between Emily And Abner

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Although Miss Emily and Abner's anger toward others has lead them to terrible crime, Emily is more sympathetic than Abner because she wasn’t murder someone intentionally as she

just doesn’t want to being alone even at the end of her life. In the story, Faulkner uses passive tone to try to let us know both characters carry anger in their life. "Barn Burning" is filled with imagine of destroyed, and Abner is the one who always feel anger to those have power, since he has none. Abner comes from low economic background, and he has no house but only his wife and children. He has to work continuously from day to day, which makes him feel unsatisfied about his life and thinks he should deserve more. When he gets angry, he has a habit of destroying others belongs and property. The scene where he visits the home of the de Spain family is very significant because it shows us that he expresses his anger against the rich people. Abner noticed that an expensive rug inside Major de Spain's house costs one hundred dollar and he feels jealous of what Major de Spain has owned. Thus, he steps in horse manure when he first goes into the house, and then he steps onto the white rug wherever he goes for trying to "leaving a final long and fading smear" (Faulkner 484). His actions reveal that he isn’t satisfied for what he already had so he wants to destroy other's belongs to make himself feel better. Abner's actions are more destructive, and he only consider his own feelings rather than the others. Since his anger
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She feels so sad for her life as she is always alone and thus she wants to take Homer to death too. Thus, everything will remain the same and she won’t be lonely anymore. She has to escape the world to ease the sadness inside her body. Thus, I find more sympathetic of Miss Emily because she was so pity that everyone has left her alone and her unwillingness of being lonely has driven her to the terrible
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