Similarities Between Everyman And The Pilgrim's Progress

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Religion has played a significant role in the shaping and molding of human civilization. In the Middle Ages, religion was a core pinnacle that served as a source of guidance and meaning for individuals and the state. The medieval play, Everyman, explores the journey of Everyman to Heaven and the phases he must go through in order to stand before God to give an account of his life. Everyman was written during a time when the Catholic Church’s practice of penance was paramount as a means for attaining salvation. The personification of the everyday person and spiritual qualities in this play gives an impressive insight into the trials and victories that are part of the Christian walk on the journey to eternal life. This work embodies the…show more content…
Therefore I pray you go thither with me To help me make mine account, for saint charity. (338-44) However, he realizes that the people who walk on the narrow path in life are few. Every Christian on a journey to eternal life longs for fellowship in order to have a sense of community and joy. The outcome of life one strives for is to live a rewarding life. God will judge each individual’s good and bad deeds when all mankind stands before Him to give an account of their life. The allegorical aspect of the play serves an important role in this scene because it appeals to the common individual through its emphasis on relationship. Everyman’s longing for a friend is an inherent desire of every Christian because it gives them a sense of community while seeking purpose and meaning in life. In his article, “The Doctrine of Friendship in Everyman,” John Conley says, “In his hour of adversity Everyman turns first to Fellowship, who like a true friend readily promises to help before he knows what will be asked of him…But as soon as Fellowship learns what Everyman wants of him, he reneges on his promise” (376). Here, Friendship appears to be a nice and loyal friend on the surface; however, as the layers are removed, his true character is revealed. As

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