Similarities Between

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Similarities Between
Charlotte Gilman 's "The Yellow Wallpaper" and Jean Rhys 's Wide Sargasso Sea.

Charlotte Gilman 's "The Yellow Wallpaper" and Jean Rhys 's Wide Sargasso Sea are stories about women 's tragic lives in the late nineteenth and mid twentieth centuries. These two stories contain many similarities. In the novel Wide Sargasso Sea, the main character Rochester drives his wife to insanity. Similarly, in the short story "The Yellow Wallpaper", John drives his wife insane. In addition, both women are isolated, oppressed, and ignored.
Wide Sargasso Sea
In Wide Sargasso Sea, much of Antoinette Cosway 's life is concerned with her isolation and oppression. She is isolated and oppressed from her society, her mother, and,
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Annette merely states, "You making such a noise. I must go to Pierre, you 've frightened him," (Rhys 16). Furthermore, when Antoinette asks to see already mad Annette, Aunt Cora is hesitant, but takes her. Antoinette states, "I put my arms round her and kissed her… 'I am here, I am here, ' I said and she said ‘No, ' quietly. Then ‘No no no ' very loud and flung me from her. I fell against the partition and hurt myself" (Rhys 29). It was Annette 's final act of pushing her daughter away.
Antoinette 's isolation and oppression does not cease with childhood. It continues into adulthood when she marries Rochester, a young British gentleman. As the second son of the family he decides to marry Antoinette to secure his own fortune. He does not want to depend on his father 's money because the law of primogeniture that existed during that time period did not permit him to. In fact, for Rochester money is really important. As soon as he can, Rochester writes to his father that he will not be a financial burden any longer. He writes: "I will never be a disgrace to you or to my dear brother the son you love. No begging letters, no mean requests… I have sold my soul …" (Rhys 41). Obviously, Rochester marries Antoinette without any kind of feelings and enthusiastically accepts her money and her property. Further, Antoinette falls wildly in love with Rochester, who never returns her feelings. Once he finds out about her family history of insanity, he
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