Similarities Between Film, 'The Crime of Father Amaro' and the Book, 'The Relic'

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Question1 Carlos Carrera's 2002 motion picture The Crime of Father Amaro and José Maria De Eça de Queirós' book "The Relic" both discuss topics related to religion and to the hypocrisy that some individuals need to adopt in order to be provided with social acceptance. Society in general is displayed as an environment where people need to employ false attitudes in order for them to appear worthy of their peers' respect. Religion is seemingly one of the most important values in both works and it is because of particular individuals' exaggerated piousness that some of the characters end up wanting to pose into something that they are not. Father Amaro is initially shown as an enthusiastic young priest that is determined to make a change in the small town of Los Reyes. While he appears to be devoted to his cause, it is gradually revealed that he is as vulnerable to committing sins as any individual, given that he uses the Church as a tool to appear more religious. Father Benito is very similar to Father Amaro when considering his tendency to seem dedicated at helping the world while he is actually cooperating with drug lords. Teodorico, the protagonist in "The Relic" is an amusing individual and it appears that the writer intended to portray him in a way meant to emphasize the hypocrisy present in a great deal of Catholics. Teodorico realizes that his aunt is wrong in putting across attitudes that are actually only important when regarding matters from an unjust religious

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